Our Process

  • Get organized 

    in just five EASY steps!


    Discovery Call

    FREE chat to uncover your greatest concerns about your overall space.


    Space Planning Consultation

    Virtual session to assess clutter, gather photos, and develop plans to MASTER your space.


    Master Session

    Strategic execution of life, home, and office transformations via our organizing, packing, or unpacking services.



    Assurance in knowing that our spaces have been decluttered, maximized, and mastered by our expert team.


    Clutter Maintenance

    Monthly or quarterly sessions with our team to tidy your spaces overtime, thus creating more time to do the things you enjoy.

  • Finance your Organizing with Wisetack

    Consumer-friendly financing makes it easy to afford services that will transform your life, home, and office. Now you can invest in the things that matter most without unexpected late fees.


    With financing your organizing services through Wisetack, you'll enjoy:

    • Financing from $500-$25,000
    • Fast & Easy Application and Approval

    • Clear Terms, No Hidden Fees

    • APR from 0% to 29.9%

    • No Credit Impact for Customers

    • Terms from 3 to 60 Months

    Please contact us to find out which financing options are available to you, or to learn about special financing promotions.

  • Most Popular Plans

    We offer sessions in increments of six hours. The more hours you purchase, the more you save.

    Please refer to our suggestions below to determine how many estimated hours are needed to organize your project area(s).

    Project Areas

    (6 hours)



    dresser drawers


    reach-in closet



    laundry room


    home office



    1-car garage

    Project Areas

    (18 hours)


    master suite

    kitchen + pantry + refrigerator

    multiple bedrooms (1-3)

    multiple closets (1-3)



    storage unit






    2-3 car garage

    Project Areas

    (30+ hours)



    entire home/office

    kitchen + pantry + refrigerator +dining


    multiple bedrooms (4+)

    multiple closets (4+)


    storage unit(s)







    4-6 car garage

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