Frequently Asked ?s


What is the role of The Mack Master as a professional organizer?

The Mack Master serves as your accountability partner, safe place, and executor of your goals to organize, reset, as well as pack or unpack every inch of your life, home, and office. We bring calmness to your chaos, literally! Here are few things we promise: · Work with you, or independently · Help you declutter and let go of unwanted belongings. · Set up “command centers” to effectively manage laundry, mail, school paperwork, bills, etc. · Utilize space planning to maximize your floor plan. · Train your housekeeping staff to effectively manage your household.

Is your booking process difficult?

No, not at all. We have an easy, 5-step booking process for your convenience.

Are you accepting new clients?

Yes, we are! We currently have openings for a few slots left in 2021, and more availability in the new year.

Can I reschedule a booked session?

If you cannot keep your scheduled session, don’t fret. We understand that life is busy and things happen. As a courtesy to you, we offer a one-time session rescheduling when notified at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Failure to reschedule or cancel within 48 hours, No Show, or tardiness to your session will result in a $59 inconvenience fee.

What happens after The Mack Master leaves?

You (and your family/employees) are left to embrace the newfound order and systems. Don’t be afraid to implement tips and tricks to learned by The Mack Master to keep your place tidy. Although you want to keep things in order, you may find that going back to the comfort of an old routine seems easier than implementing what you learned. And guess what!!! It’s okay! The Mack Master offers maintenance services to help refresh your spaces. Be sure to contact us to select the best maintenance package for your needs, whether bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, seasonally, etc.

Still have questions?

Book a no-committment discovery call today to learn more about how I can help.


Do you offer financing or payment plans?

Yes! Be sure to mention your interest in learning about our convenient financing during your initial consultation so you can select payment options that work best for you.

Do you offer discounts?

All of our organizing sessions and packages have been discounted; the more hours you purchase, the more you save. Please be sure to subscribe to our page to be notified of any additional promotions.

Does The Mack Master offer refunds?

Gift cards and unused prepaid sessions can be transferred. Due to the nature of organizing, coaching, and consulting, all payments are non-refundable. Each session requires a significant commitment of energy from The Mack Master expert(s) and that is something that a price tag cannot be put on. Each client will receive specialized care, concern, consulting and coaching for his/her individual needs, and for that reason all sales are final and must be redeemed within a 60-day period.

Still have questions?

Book a discovery call today to learn more.


How long does it take to complete an organizing session?

The process is customized as per each client’s set of needs and requirements; the time duration for each may vary. With the detail of items that need to be organized, size of the space, and the time the client can spare for details and confirmation. We usually prefer a four or six-hour session for our clients initially, and then proceed further as needed. View our session time suggestions to determine how many hours may be needed to reach your desired organizing goals.

Will you make me get rid of my belongings?

No way! Your belongings are yours to decide what will stay and what will go. Our staff will be there to help you categorize what has meaning to you, is useful in your home and life, has served its purpose, and/or is time to let go. If you are determined to keep all of your belongings but need a better way to organize them, then that's what we will help you do.

Should I purchase any organizing products beforehand?

No, The Mack Master will assess the project area, suggest needed items, as well as determine what items can be repurposed. Although complimentary product shopping is provided with each session; organizing products are a separate expense and are not included in the session costs, unless otherwise noted. Most organizing products cost approximately 20% of the session service fee.

What should I do with my pets during consultations and sessions?

The Mack Master requests you secure a space, or a room, where you can leave your pets worry-free during each session in efforts to minimize distractions and maximize productivity.