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"'re motivating me."

"one of the most intelligent, smart and thorough people I know."

"...transforms their space to meet their needs..."

"...epitome of professionalism."

Jessica Cammack, better known as The Mack Master, recalls how her Cancer-surviving mother Kerri frequently called her a pack-rat for maximizing space as a young girl; her father,  The Late Darrell "Mack" Cammack, often noted her attention to detail and never-ending questions.  Daily her energy and order is noticeably conveyed, so much so that her daughter Lauryn Taylor has begun to exude the same creativity and esteem. Needless to say, she has been creatively curious and organized all of her life. 


Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Ms. Cammack accomplished nearly two decades of retail, banking, customer service, and insurance professionalism.  She received her Bachelor of Business Administration (2009), and Master of Management (2010) degrees from Faulkner University.  Upon entering her thirties a few years ago, Jessica felt her life was chaotic and needed change, so she became her own client. Through research, mentoring, and much prayer her life changed for the better. She became convinced (and still is) that active participation is needed to achieve mastery. 


The initial shock at the level of progress made caused Jessica to dive into self-help mags and books. Her  studies and life's journey deem her relative and skilled to conquer clutter and dysfunction. Within her business, The Mack Master Professional Organizing, she aims to change lives, homes, and offices for the better via the Power of Mastery. 


(noun):  a distinctive state of being that encourages one to embrace inadequacies as he/she exudes faith, strength, and order in the midst of life's circumstances.

Selflessly, she serves as the accountability partner, cheerleader, space saver, and saving grace to those who desire to gain more from their lives, their homes, and their affairs. A wide variety of face-to-face and virtual packages are offered that will unburden clients with an unbiased approach, thus allowing them to have a low-maintenance life tailored to their preferences.

Jessica’s favorite spaces to organize are Master Closets.  She also counts meal prep planning, creating healthy habits, time management and goal setting as strong suits. The Mack Master is passionate about facilitating empowerment and purposeful pursuits.  She loves being an advocate of change that catapults her clients to live beyond bad decisions, dysfunction, and disease.  Her latest venture is Designing Custom Closets and is in the process of hiring assistants. Jessica services Alabama and offers virtual services everywhere.